Let's Play

Let’s PLAY is an educative toolset for design students which can be used at moments of feeling blocked in creating. The action of play, accommodated by this toolbox, is specifically used outside of the design process. Stepping away from this captivating process and play for a moment will help students to loosen their mind and unconsciously gain creative insights they can then take back into their design process again.

The toolbox contains 18 carefully designed objects to play with. These objects will have the ultimate impact on the state of mind of design students in combination with the designed playground and given challenges, which are quite abstract, but do have a second design related layer.

This complete package of objects, playground and challenges is a new tool for self-education, which connects to the current demand within design education and supports the importance of designers nowadays. By performing the action of play the user of this toolset will eventually adopt a very personal attitude of playfulness, an extremely powerful attitude for any designer to have.

Nominated for the Drempelprijs 2017